There are protests taking place around the world every day. They have different forms and goals, but as they happen in public spaces they  involve, influence and inspire many people.

Certain pieces of art are expression of protest against various issues and some protests get very close to art.  Think about the public art piece that would be your protest against …


2 responses to “protest

  1. I done this topic at school and i really enjoyed it. Me and my group done ‘save the pandas, save the world’ and we made lots of banners and made up our own little chant. I enjoyed this topic as it was art and real life mixed together and it made me understand that art isn’t just something that hangs in a gallery, art can be anything from words to metal baby clothes scattered around our high street. Now I really understand why people do art, to express their feelings and emotions, for fun or for a meaning, like the protests. I think artists are trying to get the point across to average people like you and me and we should listen as it is not just a pointless scribbles all over a space, every line counts and every piece of work has a meaning, and every piece of work is an original.

  2. Sasha, thank you for your brilliant comment, and for your amazing work on the protest project!
    I would really like to post the videos that all the protest groups made but…I will only be able to do so once all the consent forms are signed and returned to Mr Fitz. Could you remind your friends to get it sorted out? Thank you!

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